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Plastic mold design FAQ

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1. What is the usual spark level?
During the discharge process, the discharge gap between the copper worker and the steel material is called the spark position, with rough worker sparks generally ranging from 10 to 50 and young worker sparks generally ranging from 5 to 15.
2. What is the material level?
The thickness of plastic products, also known as meat thickness.
3. What is the original retention?
Original retention refers to the processing of a whole piece of steel as raw material, which is processed together during processing.
4. What are weld marks?
The line formed by the meeting of two strands of plastic is called a fusion line.
5. What is a jet?
The flow marks formed by the plastic entering the mold cavity from the injection port, which are bent and folded like snakes, are called jets.
6. What does LKM mean?
LKM refers to the Longji mold, commonly used molds include: LKM, Fudeba, Mingli, Huansheng, Changhui, and Desheng.
7. What does DME mean and what does HASCO mean?
DME and LKM are both standard parts, DME is made in the United States, and HASCO is made in Europe.
8. What is a reverse buckle?
The parts of the product where the front and rear molds cannot be directly demolded become inverted buckles.
9. What is anti daze?
Preventing daze is a common idiom that means preventing a very simple mistake and preventing daze! For example, if an insert has a hanging platform of the same size on both the sky and earth sides, it is likely to be installed upside down during on-site assembly. However, if the hanging platform is installed upside down on one side of the insert, it cannot be installed, and it is impossible to install it incorrectly. This action to prevent errors caused by confusion becomes confusion.
10. What are the mechanical equipment for mold processing?
Computer gong → Lathe → Milling machine → Grinder → Drilling machine
11. What is 2D and what is 3D?
The English for D is: the prefix for Dimension, where 2D refers to a two-dimensional plane and 3D refers to a three-dimensional space. In the mold section, 2D usually refers to a flat drawing, which is a CAD drawing, while 3D usually refers to a three-dimensional drawing.
12. What is the default precision of pro/e? What is the default accuracy of UG?
The default accuracy of pro/e is 0.0012MM, and the default accuracy of UG is 0.0254MM.
13. Top four global mold production companies?
Germany: HASCO Japan: FUTABA USA: DME China: LKM
14. What is the default word height for CAD?
The default word height for CAD is 2.5MM.
15. What is penetration and what is penetration?
The mating surface of the male and female molds parallel to the PL surface is called the penetration surface, while the mating surface of the male and female molds not parallel to the PL surface is called the insertion surface.
16. The relationship between strip and silk
Both strip and silk are units of length. Strip is a Taiwanese term, with 1 strip=0.01MM. Silk is a Hong Kong term, with 1 strip=0.01MM. Therefore, 1 strip=1 silk.
17. What is the pillow position?
The edges of shell shaped plastic parts often have gaps for installing various accessories, and the shaped part of the pillow formed here is called the pillow position.
18. What is a volcanic crater?
The type of adhesive reduction at the root of the BOOS column reflected on the mold is called the mold crater after the volcanic eruption.
19. What does it mean?
He refers to Mo Ren, a common term in Hong Kong.
20. What is Tiger Mouth?
The tiger mouth, also known as the tube position, is the part used to limit the position.
21. What is ranking?
The product layout on the mold is called ranking.
22. What is a rubber position?
The holes in the product on the mold are called glue positions.
23. What is a bone position?
The tendon on the product is called the bone position
24. What is a column position?
The column of the BOSS on the product is called the column position.
25. What is an empty position?
The gap on the mold is called a virtual position.
26. What is a buckle?
The hook used for connecting the product is called the buckle.
27. What is spark pattern?
The marks left after electric discharge machining are called spark marks.
28. What PL surface?
PL surface, also known as parting surface and snap Lamian Noodles, refers to the part where the front die and rear die contact when the die is closed.
29. What is a computer gong?
CNC milling machines and machining centers
30. What is a copper worker?
Electric spark discharge usually uses easily processed copper material as the discharge electrode, which is called copper worker, also known as electrode. Copper worker is generally divided into rough worker, rough and young worker, young worker, and young worker, also known as precision worker.
31. Common plastic engineering materials and shrinkage rate?
ABS: 0.5% (ultra non shattering adhesive) pc: 0.5% (bulletproof glass adhesive) PMMa: 0.5%: (organic glass) pe: 2% polyethylene PS: 0.5% (polystyrene) pp: 2% (100 fold soft adhesive) PA: 2% (nylon) PVC: 2% (polyvinyl chloride) POM: 2% (plug steel) ABS PC: 0.4% PC ABS: 0.5%
Engineering material: ABS PC PE POM PMMA PP PPO PS PET
32. How many major systems are molds divided into?
Pouring → Ejecting → Cooling → Forming → Exhaust
33. What issues should be paid attention to during the mold design process?
① The wall thickness should be as uniform as possible, and the demolding angle should be large enough.
② The transition part should be gradual, smooth, and prevent sharp corners.
③ Gate. The flow channel should be as wide and short as possible, and the gate position should be set according to the shrinkage and condensation process. If necessary, a cold material well should be added.
④ The surface of the mold should be smooth and clean, with low roughness (preferably 0.8 lower)
⑤ The exhaust holes and slots must be sufficient to timely exhaust air and gas from the melt.
⑥ Except for PET, the wall thickness should not be too thin, generally not less than 1mm
34. Common defects in plastic parts?
Lack of glue → Cloak → Bubbles → Shrinkage → Weld marks → Black spots → Stripes → Lifting → Layering → Peeling
35. Common plastic mold steel?
45 # S50c 718 738 718H
738H P20 2316 8407 H13
NAK80 NAK55 S136 S136H SKD61
36. What kind of material is used for high mirror polishing?
Commonly used high hardness heat treated steel, such as SKD61, 8407, S136
37. What are the structures of the mold base?
Panel → A board → B board → square iron → guide pillar → ejector pin plate → ejector pin fixing plate → bottom plate
What are the basic forms of the parting surface?
Flat → Oblique → Curved → Vertical → Curved
39. How to hide each other in UG?
CtrL B or ctrL shift B
40. What is a beer machine?
Beer machine is a local idiom, also known as injection molding machine or molding machine.
41. What is a stop?
The seam is a clip art line, also known as a concealment line.
42. What is a flying model?
Flying mold refers to the matching or standard mold.
43. What is a light knife?
The action of CNC precision machining is called a light knife, which means machining in place on the basis of rough cutting.
44. What is open frame?
The action of processing the position of the mold core on the mold is called opening the frame.
45. What is sun drying characters?
Sun typeface is a processed font that is placed on the film and added to the font.
46. What is anti ah?
The method of reversing the material level of the front and rear molds under normal circumstances is called reverse molding.
47. What is a float?
The method of using small inserts to eject the mold in areas with inverted buckles is called floating.
48. What is a pre eating mold?
When opening the mold, leaving the product in the front mold is called eating the front mold.
49. What is Top White?
When ejecting, the required mold force is relatively large, and the ejector pin is not strong enough, causing partial damage to the product. From the front of the product, there is a clear white color indicating the top white, also known as the top high nozzle.
50. What is baking printing?
The marks left by the entry point on the surface of the diving point are called baking marks.
51. What is a code?
Codezi belongs to the clamping tool, which is a cushion block with a triangular sloping open slot.

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